Common Misconceptions – Everything I Thought I Knew is Wrong

Posted May 31, 2015 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Yep, we were all lied to. Too bad we didn’t have the internet back when our elders were filling our heads with lies. It’s not actually their fault either. There was no way for them to fact check either.

Sharks do get cancer, Napoleon was actually tall for a frenchman, Einstein did not fail math class, you can touch baby birds, goldfish can remember things for over 3 months and many more “facts” we took for…well…facts. Click the image to enlarge.

52 Of The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions Debunked In One Infographic


David McCandless / Information is Beautiful

To see all eighty myths and misconceptions, check out the infographic mega-tomeKnowledge is Beautiful by David McCandless.

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