New Rover on Mars 2018 Will Search for Life Below the Surface

Posted November 2, 2015 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

mars crater

Where there is water there is Matt Damon. The European Space Agency is set to land the latest rover on mars in 2018 and this one ha s a very specific job. It will drill down below the surface to seek out life and new civilizations to boldly go where….sorry got carried away.

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Brace yourself, Mars: we’re sending another robotic visitor your way. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars mission – a collaboration between various European nations and the Russian Federation – will see a rover land on Mars some time in 2018 after a nine-month journey. Its objective is to search for signs of microbial life, analyzing drilled Martian geological samples with cutting-edge equipment. There has been a heated debate over where to land the innovative little bot within the ExoMars Landing Site Selection Working Group (LSSWG), but this week the group announced that a preferred target site has been chosen: a low-lying equatorial region named Oxia Planum, as reported by BBC News.

The target area is rich in hydrated minerals that can only have formed through prolonged interaction with liquid water. Although it will require final approval from the top brass at ESA, the LSSWG has confirmed Oxia Planum as the primary candidate.


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