Sarah Palin plans to debate Bill Nye over climate change, well actually a video of Bill Nye

Posted April 13, 2016 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

I mean I have seen “special” people argue with TV screens.

Sarah Palin plans to debate Bill Nye over climate change.

Update: As it turns out, “panel” was a euphemism for a pre-recorded video of Bill Nye that will be shown during the discussion.


 Here is Bill’s opinion on this

Turns out they would rather play a video of him talking then argue with that. Sounds fair. I mean honestly how well would of it have gone anyway. It would be like me arguing with my 4 yr old the finer points of how a windows operating system works.


Nye, who notably destroyed the arguments of young earth creationist and climate-change denier Ken Ham on his own turf is set to appear in a panel after the nation-wide screening of Climate Hustle.

The movie has a skeptical tone on climate change and not one to miss an opportunity to be in front of an audience, Palin plans to join in on the climate change denying chorus.

Here is why Palin says she wants to participate:

I’m very passionate about this issue. We’ve been told by fear-mongers that global warming is due to man’s activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way.

While it is not clear what Palin expects to say, in the past she has had a number of fact-challenged zingers about global warming.

Patheos reports:

To reiterate, there will be no debate. There certainly won’t be a debate between Bill Nye and Sarah Palin. And it’s a far cry from a panel discussion if Nye won’t even be present.

What is happening is that Bill Nye’s popularity is being used to stir interest in a film that shouldn’t see a dime from anyone who cares about the future of our planet and the humans on it.

Here is the video of Nye (Patheos warns not to trust the editing by the group that is using Bill Nye’s name to stir up interest either):

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