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Posted June 21, 2016 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

It’s been a shitty week, month, year…possibly decade. Take a break from the 24/7 scary and depressing news cycle and check out some stories that might just help you realize the future has the possibility to be bright if we focus on the important things. No countries, no religions…just discovery.

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Scientists Transform Plastic Trash Into Liquid Fuel



While several companies and institutions have been working at reducing the world’s plastic waste, they are hampered by the lack of means to dispose of them. The most common plastic, polyethylene, happens to also be the hardest to break down. But a solution seems at hand.

A team of Chinese chemists has developed a method for degrading polyethylene and turning it into a liquid fuel. – read more


Human Trials for Genetically Engineered HIV Vaccine by Next Summer



Scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University have developed an HIV vaccine that utilizes a type of Herpes virus as it’s backbone to safely confer HIV immunity. Human trials are expected to run in the summer of 2017.

Vaccines customarily contain a weakened version of the virus at large so that your body’s immune system is prepared in the case of an actual infection. With HIV, scientists took a slightly different approach by taking the cytomegalovirus(CMV) and using it as a backbone to carry fragments of HIV.   – read more


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Will Reach Jupiter on July 4th


Fireworks aren’t the only reason to look to the skies this Fourth of July.

July 4 will also be the day NASA’s basketball court-sized Juno spacecraft will finally arrive at Jupiter, completing its approximate 600 million-kilometre (372 million-mile) trip through the Solar System.  –  read more

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