The Shavenning – A Halfassed Podcast Tragedy

Posted October 17, 2016 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

This weekend a thing happened. Some may say “it was a sad thing”, some might say “who the fuck cares” and others maybe still be trying to get over the pain this morning.


It all started with an announcement from Gary

Knowing how much Gary’s beard means to the show and to Gary himself, John offers up his solidarity

The Captain makes and announcement:

The Captain throws a tribute concert in memory of Gary’s beard. This is him walking to the show, drinking beer, on a highway….

Brace yourselves for this one. Here it is. THE SHAVENNING

In a show of solidarity, John also shaves

The Tribute Show !!! God Shave the Beard

More from God Shave the Beard

The After Shave



And just when you thought it was over, this happened

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