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2013 Movie List

Thanks for the pic A very generic list of movies and release dates for 2013 all from Fancy Pants! January 35 movies were released TBA 22 Bullets Freeloaders Jan 4 Texas Chainsaw 3D All Supe...

Robot Spoilers | “Amazing Spider-Man” #700

Spidey fans are pissed. Mad enough to send death threats through twiter and email. Read no further if you don’t want spoilers. – – – – – – – – – – Still here? I...

Robot Trailers | Man of Steel Full Trailer

We had the teaser. Now we have the full length trailer. I just watched it myself and needles to say I have a huge nerd boner right now ENJOY! (197) Comment with Facebook

Bad Guy for the Justice League Movie Reveled?

Drum roll if you care….. Darkseid…maybe. He’s the big guy in this pic (look up) Sounds about right. He was in comics before Thanos but he is a very Thanos like character. He even looks like him. If DC is tryin...

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