Warner Bros Pictures: 2012 Movies

UPCOMINGMOVIES.COM has received Warner Bros. Pictures’2012 Preview, featuring 19 releases. To view info on each movie, just select the titles, and to see the new images, click on ‘View Pics’ (release dates are...

Old Radiohead Demo

Radiohead (aKa the greatest band in all the land). An old song most likely from The Pablo Honey days. Listen and enjoy, it might be the last time you hear a Radiohead song you haven’t heard before where the guitars sound ...

Sean Penn – Makeup wearing Nazi Hunter

Sean Penn is a makeup wearing nazi hunter. In the upcoming movie “This Must Be The Place” he portrays Cheyenne, a 50-year-old former musician who visits his father on his death bed, only to learn that the man’s un...

Daniel “BoBo” Curlan

Enjoy your Holidays because right after them your minds are going to be blown out of your skulls! We here at HowsYourRobot.com will have an interview with  one of the biggest stars in radio today! He is one of the founding mem...

The Hobbit: Trailer

It is here…Christmas is here! and so is first trailer for The Hobbit. I’m gonna see the shit our of this movie, even if it ends up being 18 hours long. Comment with Facebook

Featured Band: GROUPLOVE

A band very obviously influenced by the Pixies in such a good way….i give you GROUPLOVE Comment with Facebook

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