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Happy New Year!

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Best _________ of 2011:

BEST NEWS! First up, Obama caught that fool tripin’ all laid back in his crib watchin’ porn, then Obama’s boys rolled up in that bitch and cut that playa hatin mofo down with some top secret weapons and shit. ...

5 Cooler Jobs Than Your Job

In no particular order: #1 Kamioka Observatory, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research: You would have to be really smart and probably have to live in Japan for this job but look how cool that pic is. Super-Kamiokande is a 50,000 to...

A Very Special Philly Guy Christmas

It took me years to stop talking like this, when I drink it comes right back. I LOVE PHILLY! I wanna hang with hoagie Joe. My favorite line: “Punch him right in the wife” More Philly Guy videos here Found on The...

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