We are Robin Williams We are Mike Brown We are GROOT!

We get right down on it and ride it like we owe it money: First up we pay our respects to the great Robin Williams, yes we do have tiny small hearts in the middle of our black souls. John tells his Robin William story, this mak...


Mike from Arcade Recall Stops by The Show – PODCAST

Mike “Super Bald and Polish” Tomaszewski from Arcade Recall on YouYube hangs out with us today Mike has a motto “You can be happy” Mike is bald John is late for the show We talk about old video games We ...


This one is about Summer and also Robots – Podcast

Summer is here! Gare Bear and the Silly Goose break it down Wives and the heat Missouri is hot Gary has been to Hawaii, rubs it in John’s face Volcanos in Missouri John’s live near the beach, rubs it in Gary’s...


Preventing cable company fuckery and Net Neutrality – Podcast

Intro music by John and Mr Dibs We talk Net Neutrality with our web expert Lee Kancher of Right Brain Group a super awesome web and graphic design company out of Philadelphia. They do a lot more than that so check them out Th...


Gay Marriage and Cosmos – The Halfassed Podcast

We have a show and this is what we talked about this week: John realizes what could have been Gay Marriage in PA – Awesome! Gary came out at work as an atheist We are free to do what we want any ol’ time Good atheis...


James Merendino director of SLC Punk talks about the upcoming sequel (Podcast)

On this very special super fantastic not gay but very curious episode we interview the director James Merendino. James is best known for his film SLC Punk and is now getting ready to start production on Punks Dead. We invite a...


Hulk Have Super Spunk – Halfassed Podcast

  In this podcast: Gary though Iron is poisonous Iron Man is weak Al – U  – Minium Iron pills are for pussies Pringles are tough Gary thinks Adamantium is real….. we ask an expert… The human upgra...


Big Bang Boom – Podcast

Hooray for Science!!!! We talk: The Big Bang is now a fact god and religion blah blah poopy 10,000 Hrs of practice makes you Michael Jordan Because you believe it, doesn’t make it true Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson = B...


Snow Day: Everyone Gary Knows is Dead – Podcast

Topics Today Include: Will John have a snow day The gilded age of capitalism IE Wage Slavers. NET NEUTRALITY Gary tries one liners Netflix is hated by internet providers We learn what the snow in Philly is actually made of John...


Gare Bear king of the Segways – Halfassed Podcast

After a pleasant start with a nice “Why’d the chicken cross the road?” joke we talk: What super power would you give your enemy Gare Bear king of Segways John’s previous job as a hospital bus driver Gary...


Googling Google – Podcast

We talk about: Google and their plans for world domination Google money Google Google Possibility of life out there and what will they think of Google We get a weather report from news copter Fred YMCA – In Space! (349) C...


May we present – Ice JJ Fish – On The Floor (Official Music Video)

The best part of this is he is NOT joking. For reals. You are welcome…. IceJJFish – On The Floor You’ve heard his music.. you’ve seen his moves.. you asked for it and the time has finally come.. This is ...


The Flaming Lips with Sean Lennon: “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds”

The Flaming Lips and Sean Lennon rock the David Letterman show with a cover of The Beatles’ “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” (381) Comment with Facebook

Tim Blais

Quantum and String Theory to the Tune of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

The World’s Nerdiest Rendition Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ found at Tim Blais a  McGill University grad student is a master at reworking iconic pop songs into heavy duty scientific ballads. His lates...


“The Fox” The Best Song You Will Hear Today (Video)

From Gawker: Perhaps calling Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker “unknown” is somewhat unfair. They’re plenty known in their home country of Norway where they go by “Ylvis” and have their very ...


Legendary Metal Musician Makes His Mark In Old City Bar In 1998

a post by SlimPop: Back story: Owner of this website and a lot of our friends would frequent Upstairs At Nick’s, a bar located at 2nd and Market in Philadelphia. On their open mic nights, local bands would grace the stage...

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