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Street Interviews with the Captain

The Captain attends a Boston / Styx cover-band show and meets some interesting people We listen to the interviews and comment   (21) Comment with Facebook

Summer Slam 2016 – Our Picks

We start with some behind the scene technical difficulties Summer Slam 2016 is this week When it comes to modern day WWE wrestling John and Gary are much like Jon Snow, they know nothing The Captain is an expert and gives us th...

Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter’s Atmosphere

This Monday – July 4th 2016 – NASA”s Juno Spacecraft will reach it’s destination. It will orbit just 5,ooo km above Jupiter’s atmosphere. We will be treated to some amazing images, in the mean time...

The Halfassed Podcast – John’s Birthday Extravaganza

John’s tent installing business John’s Birthday week Was Gary invited to the birthday party?? Brexit Gary is going to Hawaii We touch again on the on going gun debate again John was 134% right in a previous argument...

Cheer Up with Some Science News!

It’s been a shitty week, month, year…possibly decade. Take a break from the 24/7 scary and depressing news cycle and check out some stories that might just help you realize the future has the possibility to be brig...

Halfassed Podcast – Split Brain Theory and a Gorilla

Gary is playing a lot of playstation Gary wants John to get a PS4 A heartwarming story from Gary’s childhood John explains ransomware to Gary The creepiness of the Split Brain theory Gary – King of anal John and his...

The Halfassed Podcast, Drugs, Time Travel and the Powerpuff Girls

John time traveled in his mind The Powerpuff Girls and Penn State movie were involved in this story Captain America..bad guy?? Marvel the true evil here   (19) Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast and Futurology

Dive into the future with sticky cars and a movie about Tetris Google’s sticky car New kinds of light discovered Gary’s Facebook fight (7) Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast and a Top 10 List

Mike files his taxes Is Danny Devito becoming a real life troll monster? A top 10 list that seems kinda mean Are all Tarantino movies linked? Mike says yes (13) Comment with Facebook

Halfassed Podcast – Facebook is Watching You

Halfassed Podcast – Facebook is Watching You St Patty’s Day, John didn’t wear green Jared gets his ass kicked Trump gets hacked John gets a 72 hour ban on facebook Did something awful happen to John with a clo...

The Halfassed Podcast and Gov Christie

The Halfassed Podcast and Gov Christie This week on the show: John and Mike’s new characters annoy Gary Super Tuesday – Really America?…REALLY!? John’s Tech Corner – update on the FBI vs Apple Spec...

This Week on The Halfassed Podcast (Video)

New episode are available every Saturday. Get your sneak peak right here, right now This week… Posted by HalfAssed Podcast on Friday, March 4, 2016 (1) Comment with Facebook

Raspberry Pi

NERD ALERT! Raspberry Pi 3 model B Launch – 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53

Raspberry Pi 3 model B Launch – 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53 Raspberry Pi 3 model B launch is today’s big news. The new Pi sports a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53 CPU with VideoCore IV GPU packaged into the new BCM2...


Federal judge in Brooklyn rules FBI cannot force Apple to open a locked iPhone

The iPhone in question was used by a suspected meth dealer. This ruling will have a major effect on the other request Apple is currently sitting on. That one involving the San Bernardino shooter that left 14 people dead. While ...


We Apologize for the language but…Our Galaxy is Fucking Beautiful!!!

Incredible New Map Of The Milky Way Released Daaaayyyuuummmm Galaxy…you sexy From One of the largest studies of our galaxy has just been completed. The ATLASGAL survey has mapped a huge swathe of cold...

$72m to be paid by Johnson & Johnson in case linking baby powder to ovarian cancer

No jokes here folks, cancer is an asshole. Be careful ladies. Johnson & Johnson to pay $72m in case linking baby powder to ovarian cancer Jury in Missouri orders pharmaceutical company to pay damages to family of deceased w...

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