Stephen Colbert vs Fox & Friends

Stephen Colbert’s Defense of Planned Parenthood During the fight over the federal budget, Republican Senator Jon Kyl stated that over 90% of the services performed by Planned Parenthood were abortions. Over the weekend, the f...

NASA – Dark Side of the Moon

First video of the dark side of the moon, IT’S COVERED IN ALIENS!!!! PASADENA, Calif. — A camera aboard one of NASA’s twin Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) lunar spacecraft has returned its fir...

(Videos) More Strange Sounds in the Sky

My recent post about the recent “Strange Sounds in the Sky” that are happening around the world has gotten popular. If you want more info and opinions you can visit that post here. If you just want to see some o...

2 Music Videos by Someone Awesome – Michael Kiwanuka

MTV no longer plays videos…so we will. Michael Kiwanuka If you haven’t heard about him yet…you’re welcome. This guy is awesome so here is two of his music videos for your listening pleasure. Eh you know ...

When High Fives Go Wrong

A very tragic and sad video compilation of when something as awesome as a High Five goes horribly wrong. When High Fives Go Wrong – Watch More Funny Videos Comment with Facebook

Video: 10 Popular Misconceptions

Here are ten things most people assume to be true that are complete fabrications. Share this with your friends to find out how many they believed were true. Comment with Facebook

VIDEO: White Kids Try to Rip Off Weed Dealer. Guess What Happens?

Don’t you just love the white suburban kids who think they are “street”.  Look how well this worked out for them. Great idea right? I’m sure they talked a lot of shit about it then when it came down to ...

Parents of the Year Award – Kid Plays with Pet Alligators

Awwww, isn’t that nice they let her play with their dangerous wild animal pets. Toddler Wrestles Pet Alligator – Watch More Funny Videos Comment with Facebook

Dog’s Bark the Darth Vader Music

        The Bark Side! This is Volkswagon’s teaser for their next big commercial. It’s already great, so I can’t imagine what they’ve got in store for the big commercial. The Bark Sid...

Aliens Hover Over Harlem, So that’s where they be Coppin’

This is actually pretty strange, I have no idea what it could really be. I guess I feel the same as the fine upstanding young gentlemen in the video’s audio. All I know is “that ain’t no fuckin ballons man...

30-story building built in 15 days

I could have done this by myself is 3 hours but I’m not a show off like the Chinese. I wonder if this building is as Godzilla proof as it is Earthquake resistant. What can you accomplish in 360 hours? The Chinese sustain...

Riding on the Edge

I would file this under “shit you will never see me do because if I did I would die”  I couldn’t make a catagory with that name…too long. On a snow covered trail that at times is less than a foot wide...

Monday Morning Quarterback: An Old Tim Tebow Song

I am not for censorship but is there a way we can throw these guys in jail for producing this pice of crap. Can you picture them sitting around and having this idea. “Go get the camera the world needs to see how awesome...

God bless Rhode Island – Ocean Monster Attack!

God bless Rhode Island folks! and local news stations. This gem is from 2007. Any guess what they are describing? Mitt Romney? Comment with Facebook

Sofia the Lion Tamer

One of the greatest inventions of man is protective glass, here is a great example of why…. You can see the Lion thinking: “One day, one day you will not be the ones laughing” Comment with Facebook

Dog loves guitar

I love dogs. I love music. I love dogs who love music! I could do without the bud light, more of a miller man myself. This dog is all kinds of awesome ENJOY! Comment with Facebook

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