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    Time Travel Show Recorded in the Past About the Future of The Past Future Show

    Every once in awhile we can not do a new show. But you the listener should never suffer! So we record shows like this in the past to be played in the future. Let’s see how right we get it. We also hear from two old friend...
  • fridaynighttykes

    Friday Night Tykes & Does Losing Makes You Stronger

    John has been watching Friday Night Tykes Should 8-12 year old kids be playing tackle football? Concussions Does losing make you stronger? CM Punk on UFC The show makes a change for the Captain’s dad   (24) Be Kind R...
  • captain-job

    The Captain Gets a Job – Pooping at Work

    We talk about the  Dakota Access pipeline because no one else is A new bacon delivery system “I don’t want to throw cheerios on your parade but….” The Captain gets a job The Captain and his pooping at ...
  • gene

    We Miss Gene and Colin: Bad QB, Great American

    We start with discussing just how often Gary post to Facebook in a day The Colin Kaepernick situation We talk about Gene Wilder and list some of our favorite movies An argument for best movie ever The Captain tries to help Joh...
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Luke Cage – Main Trailer – Only on Netflix September 30 [HD]

Luke Cage – Main Trailer In this Marvel live action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime on the streets of New York as the Super Hero, Luke Cage. (6) Be Kind ReWind…


The Halfassed Podcast with Gary, John and The Captain!

We welcome and learn all about the newest official member of the cult…uh I mean…podcast. Jon “The Captain” McCann reveals all! The Captain has an interesting fact about Philadelphia John’s totally ...


‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Petition To Take Down Rotten Tomatoes Over Bad Reviews

You would think the same people that would be fans of the movie Suicide Squad would understand how the internet works. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregator of sorts that allows fans and critics...


The Halfassed Podcast and Comic Con 2016

We report to you all we learned at Comic Con 2016 in San Diego (from the internet) All the Marvel shows coming to Netflix The Justice League might be good Why a Batman TV show would be great This week in religion / this week in...


The Halfassed Podcast – Everything is all Flowers and Sunshine

Despite what you might be seeing on the news and social media, everything in life is actually flowers and sunshine! More bad stuff in the news again This week in Religion vs This week in Science We find new, friendlier words fo...

gary and john

Gary and John – World Travelers

We used our time machine again for this one. Since we are fancy boys we had to record the show in the past from the future….wait what? Gary goes to Hawaii, John goes to Montreal and the listeners get to go to hilarious t...

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Halfassed Podcast – Another Shitty Week For The World

Well here we are again. Trying to make you laugh while the world is losing its damn mind You know what happened, listen to our take on it Also on this show: More John’s totally true facts This week in religion / this wee...


The Halfassed Podcast Goes to Jupiter

This week in religion – This week in science Juno on it’s way to Jupiter Captain America – Hail Hydra Game of Thrones steals our idea Tyrion the Targaryen John’s totally true fact of the week (12) Be Kin...