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Groove Metal Band Minus Two Visits the Podcast

The self proclaimed “Groove Metal” band MINUS TWO stops by to have some fun. We talk about their band and how they formed. We get into how many 5 yr olds they could fight as a band. We discuss docking, spider man,...


Interstellar Movie – Official Trailer 3 – Holy Sh*t I Want to See This

The latest trailer from Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR. In theaters & IMAX November 7th. http://interstellar.withgoogle.com A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on ...


Aquaman Had a Big Role in ‘Man of Steel’ but You Never Saw it

Looks like DC is on their way to building the foundation to the Justice League movie, but, will it ever gain the attention of the comsic fans as well as Marvel has done lately? “On Friday’s Meet the Movie Press podc...


What Did Jeff Do? – Part 2 – “The Lost Weekend”

The Lost Weekend.  I couldn’t of been any older than 20 when my brother called me up to his West Philly house he shared with a couple of Romanian immigrants who grew up a few doors down from us in Kensington, and maybe o...


What did Jeff Do? – Part 1 – “Hi, My Name Is Jeff And I’m An Alcoholic”

Welcome to our new “What did Jeff Do?” section on HowsYourRobot.com: Who is Jeff? Well Jeff is a very good friend of mine and he is also just finding out now a lot of the horrible shit that he has done or has happen...

asteroid Pitbull

An Asteroid Will Approach Closer Than The Moon This Weekend

The best part is we only discovered it a few days ago. Good thing it is not on path top hit Earth. It is only 20 meters wide but the idea that one could sneak up on us at anytime is very unsettling. More from I Fucking Love Sci...


Who da fuq is Thanos? – Podcast

We give an update on the riots in Ferguson We give you a Robin Williams theory (hint: some meds have dangerous side effects) Rob Schneider, conspiracy nut or amazing actor…maybe neither?? Which obviously leads us to talk...


We are Robin Williams We are Mike Brown We are GROOT!

We get right down on it and ride it like we owe it money: First up we pay our respects to the great Robin Williams, yes we do have tiny small hearts in the middle of our black souls. John tells his Robin William story, this mak...