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Union vs The Military – The Captain vs Eagles Fans – John vs The Traveling Salesman

We talk about one of Gary’s recent Facebook battles The Captain at the NFL draft in Philadelphia Kicking peoples babies John gets a visit from a traveling salesman Comment with Facebook

Heroes, All of Us are Heroes

Gary – Union Hero – the UAW for the Win Captain – Bargain Hero – $500 shoes for $4 John – Bus Hero – Saves everyone on a bus, makes everyone late for work Comment with Facebook

Betsy DeVos – UAW – Fighting – Tom Brady the GOAT

Gary and the UAW Tom Brady the GOAT? Lady GaGa and the drones Betsy DeVos interview, she does not research herself well “West Canada” ? Comment with Facebook

Alternative Model Jess Glitches Joins the Show

We have a guest this week. Jess Glitches joins us for some fun and weird questions We do Marry, Bang, Kill at the beginning of the show and at the end to see if anything changed Captain vs the Soda tax Creepy photographers How ...

The Captain Gets a Job – Pooping at Work

We talk about the  Dakota Access pipeline because no one else is A new bacon delivery system “I don’t want to throw cheerios on your parade but….” The Captain gets a job The Captain and his pooping at ...

The Halfassed Podcast and Futurology

Dive into the future with sticky cars and a movie about Tetris Google’s sticky car New kinds of light discovered Gary’s Facebook fight Comment with Facebook

Death Match: Tarantula vs. Wasp (Video)

Place your bets! Tarantula vs. Wasp Found at With their relatively large, hairy bodies, tarantulas aren’t exactly pretty to look at. Their fear factor goes up when you consider that they they are able to ...

Boeing 747 crash in Bagram (Video)

This has my vote for craziest video I have seen a long long long long time. It flew just as well as every paper airplane I have ever made. Thanks to @jeffm912 for the EXCLUSIVE video link Found on A National Air Ca...

Hero Saves Man From Being Hit By Train

Just a few second later and this video would be on a different site. I guess there are real heroes out there. I wonder what everyone else there was doing, just standing and watching. At the metro in Madrid (spain) a man falls...

Bull Terrorizes Beach in Portugal

Say what you want about the beaches at the Jersey shore one thing you don’t have to worry about is getting run down by a bull. Insert Snookie joke here….ok you done? Check this shit out Thanks and the...

(Video) Teens dodge death in ‘subway chicken’ game

source A group of shrieking teens dodged death playing a game of chicken with a barreling subway train in Brooklyn, a disturbing new video shows. The video — taken by a straphanger and sent to the Brooklyn blo...

Herman Cain HATES Goldfish

and any kind of stimulus plan… Got this one off of YouTube and looks like they felt the need to add this message: The goldfish is fine, but our economy isn’t. Are you Sick yet? In essence, stimulus has been just li...

Birthday Girl Knocked out – Real or Fake (Video)

You decide… Comment with Facebook

Flight Suit Crash Into Mountain (Video)

I was planning on having a wing suit party for my next birthday….anyone still down? This is What A Crash Into A Mountain With a Flight Suit Looks Like (Video) Posted by SpaceNeedle on February 23, 2012 Comment with Fac...

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