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Andy Richter Joins A Curling Team (Video)

I don’t think once every for years is enough time to really appreciate Curling. Although it does seem like a sport you can have olympic level talent at in just one day of training. Andy Richter Joins A Curling Team Commen...

Steven Spielberg’s “Obama” with Daniel Day Lewis (Video)

Daniel Day Lewis is good! Check out this behind the scenes look at his portrayal as our current president. The cool thing is that the White House is releasing these videos. They might just be the new Comment ...

3 minutes and 37 seconds of dogs sneezing (Video)

Dogs Sneezing Supercut Because what else are you going to do on a sunday? It’s still cold out there. Well at least where I live. Comment with Facebook

Russian 8 Year Old Driving and Driving Fast (Video)

A Russian dad put his 8 year old daughter behind the wheel of the family car and has her drive down a snowy road at up to 60 mph. “And obviously, when you’re having this much fun, there’s no time for seat belts.”...

Goats Yelling Like Humans (Video)

I don’t think this needs much more explanation. Except to say of course the obvious… GOATS ARE AWESOME! Comment with Facebook

Team Kobra Security Commercial (Video)

Please God let this be real! Please please please…. ahhh it’s probably not but no less wonderful anyways. ENJOY! (In fact I know its not … it’s by these guys) Comment with Facebook

As Seen on TV – Doing Things Wrong (Video)

Kudos to Derek Lieu for putting together this awesome compilation of people having issues doing simple everyday things in “As Seen On TV” commercials. They really make people look dumb. From his YouTube channel:...

Family Feud Fails | Video

Looking for a laugh, you’ll get plenty from this example of just how dumb human being can be. No wonder most of the guys who hosted this show killed themselves. Comment with Facebook

Remember Mr. Wizard? He was kind of a dick

I remember wanting to be one of the kids on the show. I did not notice until I watched this what a dick he was… This shit would not fly with kids no a days. He would have lawsuits out the wazoo. Comment with Facebook

Honest Trailers: Funny Stuff Here

What is an “Honest Trailer”? Watch and see I did. What do you want me to figure everything out for you? Come on people get it together!! Comment with Facebook

Never Wake A Sleeping Coyote…just sayin

Great advice from a weatherman. The video speaks for itself. Comment with Facebook

Goyte – The Star Wars That I Used to Know

Teddie Film’s spoof of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, done Star Wars style, of course. It’s a story of heartbreak to which Star Wars fans everywhere can relate. And even with all that hear...

Happy Almost Father’s Day – TV Dad’s Advice (Video)

Here is some great advice from the fathers we all know best, some even better than our actual fathers. Thanks to for the link Comment with Facebook

Reggie Watts covers Van Halen and another awesome video

Watching Reggie’s career lately is like watching the evolution of cool. Check out Comedy Bang Bang  if you want to have a fantastic day Found on Reggie Watts covers Van Halen Reggie Watts makes music wi...

Zombie Attack Prank Video

As the real Zombie Apocalypse just starts to really get going some people have decided to have some fun with it while we are all still alive. Is a Zombie Apocalypse a real threat? I don’t know but the CDC does take ...

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