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Bull Terrorizes Beach in Portugal

Say what you want about the beaches at the Jersey shore one thing you don’t have to worry about is getting run down by a bull. Insert Snookie joke here….ok you done? Check this shit out Thanks and the...

Will Smith Raps ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song on Graham Norton

Will is Will and Carlton will forever be Carlton. Comment with Facebook

Two fanboys wait in line for a Phil Collins concert

This is the funniest shit I have seen this week, maybe this month… Two fanboys wait in line for a Phil Collins concert and deal with the rude city fans in What Are We Waiting For? on The Warner Sound. Starring Joe DeRos...

Smiling For Pictures Without Realizing It’s Actually a Video – Video

This happens to everyone right? You have your phone or camera set to video then try and snap a picture while everyone sits still and smiles. I love awkward moments like that. De Buy cheap viagra soft an Fleischer-Camp was smart...

Sons of Anarchy Aint Poop – Check out Grandsons of Anarchy

Grandsons of Anarchy The Sons are back this fall and more rambunctious than ever. Grandsons of Anarchy from Kurt Sutter Comment with Facebook

Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Everyone else has this. So do we. Comment with Facebook

Michael Nutter Gets Nutty

Yuck, I can’t believe I went with that title. Michael Nutter with an April Fools joke.   Comment with Facebook

People Falling Down (Video)

Just keeping it simple. Here is a bunch of people falling down. Thanks! People Are NOT Awesome: Part 2 – Watch More Funny Videos Comment with Facebook

John Oliver “reports” on the Obama administration’s decision to defund UNESCO

The Daily Show’s John Oliver “reports” on the Obama administration’s decision to defund UNESCO: Part 1: Part 2: Comment with Facebook

If Facebook, Twitter, Google and Angry Birds were built in the days of DOS (Videos)

thanks for the videos and the story If Facebook, Twitter and Angry Birds were built in the days of DOS or 14.4 Kbps modems, they would’ve looked much different. Web editor Jo Luijten has seen those ghosts of tech...

Charlize Theron Sex Tape (Video)

Now that I have your attention here it is! Too bad it is Safe For Work. Oh and thanks to the interrobang Check it out at Comment with Facebook

Commercials Used to Be Good


‘Where’s Waldo?’ The Movie (Trailer)

This summer, Waldo…finds….you Comment with Facebook

Birthday Girl Knocked out – Real or Fake (Video)

You decide… Comment with Facebook

Man Goes On An Insane (Video)

Gee thanks Interrobang In America, we have the right to free speech. That means that anyone has the right to voice their opinion no matter how crazy it is. The gentleman in this video has decided to exercise this freedom and la...

Heil Honey I’m Home! – Hitler Sitcom (Video)

The best show’s always get canceled just before they get really good. Heil Honey I’m Home! was controversial British television sitcom, produced in 1990, and canceled after one episode aired. The show centred on f...

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