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1st Show of 2018 – Standing up to Wipe

Our first show of 2018 Gary’s hemorrhoids need a doctor Standing up to wipe in the bathroom, the only way Gary punches his sister Anger management The wheel of topics The most fun you had last year Comment with Facebook

The Captain, a lot of Adderall and a trip to Florida

The Captain’s $8 haircut – John’s $29 Haircut Do you prefer a man or woman cutting your hair? Gary orders hair in his food at Sonic – The Captain sends food back How the Captain met Cheryl The Captain ba...

Black Friday Shopping – Happy Thanksgiving Last Week

The Captain burned his foot off There’s a baby in the Captain’s house Is it gay if it happened a 25 years ago? How was your Thanksgiving? The only Henderson left in the world Getting caught spanking it Garol Murkel ...

Piece of Candy or What’s in the Mailbox

We talk about our Halloween’s Someone was in a wreck, or an accident Insurance companies take advantage of customers!? The Captain takes a car ride with his ex-wife’s new fiance The Captain plays “Piece of Can...

Dead Hooker in the Crawl Space – Happy Halloween

John has some questions for the guys Female or Male doctors, what do you prefer Most offensive Halloween costumes The Captain does not like a woman commenting on sports Tattoo neck is out John runs his tattoo idea by the guy Ho...

I Love You Friend – Evil Corporations

Gary get’s a write up in a magazine Do you tell your friend “I love you” John and Jon said “I love you” to each other Sophia sits in on the show for a minute Are the corporations the ones behind ma...

The “My Dad killed a cat story”

We each talk about how our weeks went YouTube channels make a lot of money John’s dads SPCA / cat story The wheel of topics Gary likes smart humor The “Prove to John there is an ocean” GoFundMe campaign Commen...

The 30 Minute Poop

Gary poops, people talk Do you rat on a rat how ratted on you…rat John has another “Am I gay if…” question The Captain’s stepson vs a mean cop Our trippy drug stories Comment with Facebook

The Boys Prepare Hurricane Irma

How we are preparing How would your family make out in a natural disaster What would be in your “Go Bag” The Captain loves Joel Osteen What job could you fake and make The Captain – Professional skateboarder C...

Gary’s Day In Court Part 2

Gary is back in front of the judge We go to the fashion police Kohls Cash The Captain is going to the Warped Tour Wheel of Topics Our Laminated Lists Comment with Facebook

Gary Picks a Winner

The gangsta rap live read for our new sponsor Amazon Did Gary listen to last week? Gary decides the winner of which story was gayer We have a winner More guy on guy stories from our youth Wheel of topics Which summer movies ar...

Kathy Griffin and the Great Tom Brady battle of 2017

We attempt to talk about the Kathy Griffin situation, instead what will be known as “The great tom Brady battle of 2017” Things were said, names were called…in the end we all made up. Listen to the madness &nb...

Do not listen to this if we are dead

Is Gary going to jail? THE MALWARE CONSPIRACY THE CHRIS CORNELL CONSPIRACY Cheryl is Wonder Woman What would we not want our kids to hear Comment with Facebook

Gary and John Choose a Religion

Gary gives a post nap review of Guardians of the Galaxy Explaining the movie in Wrestling talk to the Captain Cinco de Mayo celebrations, The Captain drinks some Mexican beer The new health care plan Trump is a dick We need to ...

Union vs The Military – The Captain vs Eagles Fans – John vs The Traveling Salesman

We talk about one of Gary’s recent Facebook battles The Captain at the NFL draft in Philadelphia Kicking peoples babies John gets a visit from a traveling salesman Comment with Facebook

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Sneak Peek

They’re back. Check out this sneak peek of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” coming to theaters May 5, 2017! Comment with Facebook

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