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The Halfassed Podcast and Futurology

Dive into the future with sticky cars and a movie about Tetris Google’s sticky car New kinds of light discovered Gary’s Facebook fight Comment with Facebook

Halfassed Podcast: Axl Sounds Like Axl When He Sings

Don’t say we never taught you anything: Captain America: Civil War is reviewed Vibranium John loves Radiohead’s new album Axl sings with AC/DC Axl sounds like Axl when he sings Exoplanets Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast presents: The Dumbening

It’s happening and it’s happening fast We explain “The Dumbening”   Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast – Gary’s Accident

We finally hear the story of how Gary got his injuries   Comment with Facebook

Halfassed Podcast and Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco joins us again to talk about her new blog She give us some self improvement tips The struggles with launching a website are discussed John makes Gary blush We try giving her self help tips The guest question w...

The Halfassed Podcast, The Birds and the Bees and Guns and Roses

John  is going to see Guns and Roses and it super duper excited Old Axl John teaches Mike and Gary about the birds and the bees from a children’s book   Comment with Facebook

Hlafassed Podcast with our Resident WWE Expert Captain Jon McCann

The Captain – Jon McCann is back again, he is our Weird Al expert and now our Wrestling expert We talk about Wrestlemania and our favorite wrestlers of the past Why did Shayne do that? Why is Gary talking funny? More Wres...

The Halfassed Podcast and a Top 10 List

Mike files his taxes Is Danny Devito becoming a real life troll monster? A top 10 list that seems kinda mean Are all Tarantino movies linked? Mike says yes Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast and Best for a Buck

The Halfassed Podcast and Best for a Buck Joel from Best for a Buck stops by We talk about the internet Joel is kidnapped by Anime A video game where you click on a jar of Mayo…that’s it Joel tells us how many 5 yr ...

Spider-Man makes first appearance in new Captain America: Civil War trailer

Spider-man…..SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Captain America: Civil War Trailer 3 From Marvel is labeling this a “world trailer premiere” — which is probably more a nod to the big character reveal —...

'Game of Thrones' Season 6 trailer

Watch the full Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer NOW

OH HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT) Music: “Wicked Game” performed by James Vincent McMorrow Subscribe to the Game of Thrones YouTube: Connect with Game...

The Halfassed Podcast and Gov Christie

The Halfassed Podcast and Gov Christie This week on the show: John and Mike’s new characters annoy Gary Super Tuesday – Really America?…REALLY!? John’s Tech Corner – update on the FBI vs Apple Spec...

On the Next Halfassed Podcast – Preview Video

Here is a quick preview of what you can hear on the next Halfassed Podcast. It will be available tomorrow afternoon right here on HYR and also over at We had a guest Rob Lee from MTRTHENETWORK.COM. Give the...

The Halfassed Podcast and James Merendino Ride Again

Awesome director, friend of the show, and all around great guy James Meredino visits us again We talk about his just released Punks Dead: SLC Punk 2 and his other film We talk politics – James and Gary tie their beards t...

Podcast – How to Survive Ebooooolllaaaaa

Here we go.. Gary starts the show about bragging about beating John in fantasy football Gary is a KC Royals fan…all of a sudden Eagles vs the Giants “The Beatining” Ebola dominates the news Ebola is getting on...

Who da fuq is Thanos? – Podcast

We give an update on the riots in Ferguson We give you a Robin Williams theory (hint: some meds have dangerous side effects) Rob Schneider, conspiracy nut or amazing actor…maybe neither?? Which obviously leads us to talk...

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