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The Pot Cookie Episode

The Captain eats a pot cookie Doug stops by so John hits on him John deals with a whistler on his bus The Captain challenges us to a whistling contest Is doing wheelies cool? The captain tried a wheelie recently We rate each ot...

Black Friday Shopping – Happy Thanksgiving Last Week

The Captain burned his foot off There’s a baby in the Captain’s house Is it gay if it happened a 25 years ago? How was your Thanksgiving? The only Henderson left in the world Getting caught spanking it Garol Murkel ...

A Flat Earth and a Hollow Moon

The Captain tells his story We try not to go gay, then go gay We get into the Hollow Moon and the Flat Earth conspiracies We listen to Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s racist promo Comment with Facebook

Dead Hooker in the Crawl Space – Happy Halloween

John has some questions for the guys Female or Male doctors, what do you prefer Most offensive Halloween costumes The Captain does not like a woman commenting on sports Tattoo neck is out John runs his tattoo idea by the guy Ho...

The 30 Minute Poop

Gary poops, people talk Do you rat on a rat how ratted on you…rat John has another “Am I gay if…” question The Captain’s stepson vs a mean cop Our trippy drug stories Comment with Facebook

The Captain and Dragons

John had a medical scare, the guys try and diagnose We spend the majority of the episode trying to convince the Captain that he should watch Game of Thrones The old Wrestling is just like Superhero movies argument The Captain&#...

The Captain Show Featuring John

Our new sponsors We talk about our Father’s days The Captain and John have their own AMA After one question we end up on a very different path We try to get Cheryl and Lauren to settle a debate which does not help a thing...

John vs the Bus Ladies – Over the Top

John vs The Bus Ladies Over the Top – 2nd Greatest Action Movie? Best Actor Portrayals of Real People The Greatest generation Comment with Facebook

Kathy Griffin and the Great Tom Brady battle of 2017

We attempt to talk about the Kathy Griffin situation, instead what will be known as “The great tom Brady battle of 2017” Things were said, names were called…in the end we all made up. Listen to the madness &nb...

Gary Joins the Show from Jail

We get an update on Gary’s court battle To wear a tie or not to wear a tie, that is the question Brothers and sisters! We have a therapy session with the Captain What is our favorite mantras?   Comment with Facebook

Union vs The Military – The Captain vs Eagles Fans – John vs The Traveling Salesman

We talk about one of Gary’s recent Facebook battles The Captain at the NFL draft in Philadelphia Kicking peoples babies John gets a visit from a traveling salesman Comment with Facebook

Mark Bunker vs Scientology and Zombie Kids

Very special guest Mark Bunker joins us to talk about Scientology and ┬áthe media he produces Mark is number 7 on the “Top 25 people crippling Scientology” list He won an Emmy and now can call himself a guest on the...

Heroes, All of Us are Heroes

Gary – Union Hero – the UAW for the Win Captain – Bargain Hero – $500 shoes for $4 John – Bus Hero – Saves everyone on a bus, makes everyone late for work Comment with Facebook

We Join the Resistance

Cheryl’s wheel of topics !! We Join the Resistance We each went to a protest this week The Captain’s was a “gay rage party” Gary Fights for 15 John joins two protest, one for support and one for convenie...

Alternative Model Jess Glitches Joins the Show

We have a guest this week. Jess Glitches joins us for some fun and weird questions We do Marry, Bang, Kill at the beginning of the show and at the end to see if anything changed Captain vs the Soda tax Creepy photographers How ...

The 2016 Christmas Holiday Super Fantastic Special Extravaganza

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Gary got an early present, in his butt We talk about our childhood memories of the holiday Best / Worst presents Our wishes for 2017 Comment with Facebook

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