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The Captain, a lot of Adderall and a trip to Florida

The Captain’s $8 haircut – John’s $29 Haircut Do you prefer a man or woman cutting your hair? Gary orders hair in his food at Sonic – The Captain sends food back How the Captain met Cheryl The Captain ba...

The Pot Cookie Episode

The Captain eats a pot cookie Doug stops by so John hits on him John deals with a whistler on his bus The Captain challenges us to a whistling contest Is doing wheelies cool? The captain tried a wheelie recently We rate each ot...

Black Friday Shopping – Happy Thanksgiving Last Week

The Captain burned his foot off There’s a baby in the Captain’s house Is it gay if it happened a 25 years ago? How was your Thanksgiving? The only Henderson left in the world Getting caught spanking it Garol Murkel ...

Robot Revolution – A Bombshell is Dropped

The robot revolution Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct everywhere Al Franken – Is he touching her? The great debate The debate grows heated A bombshell is dropped by one of the host The wheel of topics Comment with ...

The Fire at Gary’s House

Gary had a fire at his house The Captain and Jon do a little arson investigation Gary say’s Kat Williams sounds like Steve Urkel…no one believes him at first but the evidence is over whelming We do a wheel of topics...

The 30 Minute Poop

Gary poops, people talk Do you rat on a rat how ratted on you…rat John has another “Am I gay if…” question The Captain’s stepson vs a mean cop Our trippy drug stories Comment with Facebook

Super Awesome Nerd Show with Gary and John

The Captain is in Washington – Gary cut his hair John and Gary talk about all the latest super-hero movies Bruce Wayne and his history of being abused as a child Spider-man, spider man doing the things a spider can Game o...

Worst Jobs Ever, Trump This Trump That

We start with some always positive Trump talk Worst jobs ever Mopping up….. Wheel of topics The most depressing show ever, and then hilarity ensues   Comment with Facebook

Union vs The Military – The Captain vs Eagles Fans – John vs The Traveling Salesman

We talk about one of Gary’s recent Facebook battles The Captain at the NFL draft in Philadelphia Kicking peoples babies John gets a visit from a traveling salesman Comment with Facebook

On the Sly with Director Michael Rubenstone

Our guest today is actor, director, musician and documentary film maker Michael Rubenstone  We talk about his film “ON THE SLY: IN SEARCH OF THE FAMILY STONE” One man’s search for the prolific funk legend, ...

Mark Bunker vs Scientology and Zombie Kids

Very special guest Mark Bunker joins us to talk about Scientology and  the media he produces Mark is number 7 on the “Top 25 people crippling Scientology” list He won an Emmy and now can call himself a guest on the...

Heroes, All of Us are Heroes

Gary – Union Hero – the UAW for the Win Captain – Bargain Hero – $500 shoes for $4 John – Bus Hero – Saves everyone on a bus, makes everyone late for work Comment with Facebook

Sean Spicer joins us with some “Alternative Facts”

Cheryl’s wheel of topics Gary “fights right to work” Union this Union that – The Battle cry Royal Rumble in 5 minutes Special guest Sean Spicer answers some questions his way Comment with Facebook

We Join the Resistance

Cheryl’s wheel of topics !! We Join the Resistance We each went to a protest this week The Captain’s was a “gay rage party” Gary Fights for 15 John joins two protest, one for support and one for convenie...

Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer HD

Finally. A Spider-Man not player by a 30 yr old trying to look 16. Welcome back to the Marvel cinematic universe! Comment with Facebook

Thanksgiving and the Food Bank

We talk about our Thanksgivings Fire at the Captain’s home The Captain shuts down a food bank The Captain and John explain what row homes are Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the biggest drinking night in the entire univers...

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