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Who Wants a Batman – Superman Team-up Movie?

UPDATE!! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. All of our speculation turns out to be true     From In the final moments of Saturday morning’s Warner Bros/Legendary panel at Comic-Con, moderato...

Avengers 2 News – Thanos and New Characters Revealed for the Sequel

I remember being super excited with the build up for the first Avengers movie. I wasn’t sure if that excitement would carry over into the next installment but it sure has. What we are learning today with a little (a lot...

‘Man of Steel’ Trailer 3 is Possibly the Greatest Trailer I Have Ever Seen

The first trailer for this film gave me chills and I was unable to watch it any less then 200 times. This one is no different. We get a longer deeper look into the upcoming film and a hint of just how much action is really pack...

Twilight Reboot? Over my dead body

There were rumors of a reboot. If

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