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The Three Amigos Ride Again

We are all back this week! The Captain had a “crazy” week Gary’s friend was in an accident We try to cheer the show up with a little North Korea talk Wheel of Topics – Best home cooked meals Farts and th...

Do not listen to this if we are dead

Is Gary going to jail? THE MALWARE CONSPIRACY THE CHRIS CORNELL CONSPIRACY Cheryl is Wonder Woman What would we not want our kids to hear Comment with Facebook

The Guys Tell Stories of Rebellion – Gushing – The Press Conference

We spin Cheryl’s wheel of topics The Captain and the teacher A virus that can remove religion Gushing Gary’s press conference Comment with Facebook

Technical Difficulties – Gary in Facebook Jail – John’s New App

We start this one off like we always do, the Captain having some technical difficulties Gary’s Facebook banning More on the Captain’s technical difficulties John’s latest app idea This week we have included ou...

Logan Official Trailer 1 (2017)

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, and Doris Morgado Logan Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Hugh Jackman Movie Comment with Facebook

Street Interviews with the Captain

The Captain attends a Boston / Styx cover-band show and meets some interesting people We listen to the interviews and comment   Comment with Facebook

Summer Slam 2016 – Our Picks

We start with some behind the scene technical difficulties Summer Slam 2016 is this week When it comes to modern day WWE wrestling John and Gary are much like Jon Snow, they know nothing The Captain is an expert and gives us th...

This Week in Science vs This Week in Religion

So yeah…this week was pretty sad. Hopefully we can add some humor to it today This week in science, this week in religion. Guess who wins John’s review of Captain America: Civil War….finally Guns John’s ...

Halfassed Podcast – Split Brain Theory and a Gorilla

Gary is playing a lot of playstation Gary wants John to get a PS4 A heartwarming story from Gary’s childhood John explains ransomware to Gary The creepiness of the Split Brain theory Gary – King of anal John and his...

The Halfassed Podcast and Futurology

Dive into the future with sticky cars and a movie about Tetris Google’s sticky car New kinds of light discovered Gary’s Facebook fight Comment with Facebook

The Halfassed Podcast and a Top 10 List

Mike files his taxes Is Danny Devito becoming a real life troll monster? A top 10 list that seems kinda mean Are all Tarantino movies linked? Mike says yes Comment with Facebook

Common Misconceptions – Everything I Thought I Knew is Wrong

Yep, we were all lied to. Too bad we didn’t have the internet back when our elders were filling our heads with lies. It’s not actually their fault either. There was no way for them to fact check either. Sharks do ge...

Astronomers discover a massive asteroid that could hit us in 2032

Run for your lives!! Or walk if you want, we got plenty of time… Astronomers discover a massive asteroid that could hit us in 2032 from Not only was it there, it was at the top of the recently observed list — a...

Firing Giant Science Bullets At Jupiter’s Moon Europa (Video)

Astronomers want to fire giant bullets that could collect scientific data from deep inside Europa’s icy surface. Hey let’s hope there aren’t some aliens that could have been friends somewhere on there because ...

New Moon Found Orbiting Neptune

Or is it a UFO hiding behind a asteroid that Elvis is driving? Nope it’s a teeny tiny moon found by Hubble. The moon with the sexy name S/2004 N 1 is thought to be no more than 12 miles across, making it the smallest o...

The Solar System Has A Tail

The Solar System Has A Tail has this awesome image today from NASA.: NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) has caught a glimpse of something we’ve long suspected was there, but could never actually...

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